IRUV Tech is a leading supplier of Quartz Glass Infrared (IR) Emitters supplied in Single and Twin Tube Emitters in Short & Medium Wavelength


IRUV Tech is a leading manufacturer of SW IR Heaters. The sensation and welcome of instant heat right where it's needed. SW IR Heaters warm people, not places. SW Heaters are highly efficient and effective.


IRUV Tech is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Infrared Heating Equipment. Our portfolio covers the glass, plastic, wood, rubber, printing, automotive, powder coating and various other industries.

Radiation does not need to come into contact with the surface of the product that need to be heated up and does not require the presence of any intermediary agent such as air

The Infrared Wavelengths range generated by the IR Quartz Emitters are located in the range of 3.5µm (medium wave) and 0.9µm (short wave). Depending on the type of material to be heated it is possible to use different types of IR wavelengths to reach the maximum propagation of energy and to obtain a faster and more efficient heating process.


IR heaters, if compared to traditional heating systems that use hot air, emit more energy per unit surface and this energy could be focused, concentrated, directed and reflected just like the light.The use of this technology offers enormous benefits


IR Emitters are ideal for High Speed heating processes because of their quick response time. It is only used when required and this results in energy saving. The radiation of IR Emitters can be focused there for it will result in less heat generated in the surrounding area. IR Emitters are easily controlled either by a simple on / off scenario or by wave modulators.


Working by means of radiation, IR emitters do not need to be in contact with the material to be heated. IR Modules and Ovens are smaller in sizes than traditional hot air heating equipment. The small dimension of IR quartz emitters and their convenient shape simplify machinery construction design. It also result in easy maintenance and short down times.

Radiation, compared to convection and conduction, is the most powerful and efficient way of heating a material. In fact radiation does not need to come into direct contact with the surface of the products to be heated up and does not require the presence of any intermediary agent such as air.

Radiation operates with the transmission of energy through electromagnetic rays emitted by a heating element. The heating performance is influenced by the following conditions: heating element temperature, heated body capacity to absorb radiant heat, shape, position and distance between the heated body and the heating source.