Radiation, compared to convection and conduction, is the most powerful and efficient way of heating a material. In fact radiation does not need to come into direct contact with the surface of the product to be heated up and does not require the presence of any intermediary agent such as air.

Radiation operates with the transmission of energy through electromagnetic rays emitted by a heating element. The heating performance is influenced by the heating element temperature, heated body capacity to absorb radiant heat, shape, position and distance between the heated body and the heating source.

The wavelengths generated by the IR Quartz Emitters range from 3.5 µm (MW) to 0.9 µm (SW). Depending on the type of material to be heated it is possible to use different types of IR wavelengths to obtain a faster and more efficient heating process.

If compared with traditional heating systems IR emit more energy and this energy could be focused, concentrated, directed and reflected the same way as light.

Quartz Infrared technology offers enormous benefits for Industrial Process Heating:

  • High speed heating process

  • Energy saving and less heat generation in the surrounding area

  • Easy control of the emitters

  • Absence of direct contact with the material and no surrounding area contamination

  • Smaller sizes and dimensions of IR quartz heating modules and ovens compared to traditional hot air heating equipment.

IRUV Tech IR Quartz Emitters are made of a Quartz Glass Tube with a filament inside. Quartz Glass is an extraordinary material because it is totally transparent to IR radiation, can with stand a constant working temperature of more than 1000°C and it is chemical agents resistant. IRUV Tech supply both Twin and Single Tube Infrared Emitters. Twin Tube Infrared Emitters has excellent mechanical strength because of the reverse “H” shape, and can be manufactured up to 6.5 meters in length.

IRUV Tech Quartz Infrared Emitters can be manufactured with either a white or gold integrated reflector. Reflectors transmit and focus heat more efficiently on the material

Reflectors has many advantages in term of improved energy transferred on to material, wihch will result in a faster heating process. Through the correct positioning of the emitters inside the machinery as well as the distance from the product to be heated it will be possible to obtain an additional increase of the irradiated energy.

  • Gold reflectors is a gold layer, fixed directly on the quartz tube. It will reflect approximately 90% of IR radiation. Gold Reflectors has a maximum working temperature of approximately 600°C and there for need to be cooled.

  • White reflectors is a ceramic layer, fixed directly on the quartz tube. It will reflect approximately  70% of IR radiation, there for less effective if compared to the gold version, but it can resist a higher working temperature of between 900 - 1000°C